Sunday, November 11, 2012

In space no one can hear you... Whimper.


Alien has defined decades of science fiction. In truth you could argue it was inspired by older entries in the sic-fi genre, but none had the lasting effect of Alien. From the design, to the concept, everything came together just right. Including the never to be underestimated talents of one Ridley Scott. The man behind, well, pretty much anything with chainmail and a sword in it these days. But, he has a body of work that should not only impress, it should illicit awe.

After 3 decades + , Mister space terror decides he wants to make another space movie. Cool. Then it starts sounding like he's making a prequel to Alien... ok, unexpected, but still cool. Then he's not sure if it's a prequel, it might just be a space movie... with a monster... and horror elements... ok. That's a little strange, but um... okay. Then it is an alien prequel. And everyone picked a side. Terrified of Scott destroying a world he had created, or played a major role in anyway... and those that thought his return would be awesome, and were stoked to get back into the alien universe.

I was in the latter category.

Admittedly when directors return to their greatest work, things do not always go well... *cough - Star Wars.

The plot is such. Space ship from earth (weyland industries I might add) gets sent by billion/trillion/zillionnaire to find out possible origins beyond our galaxy. This all made possible by a road map two archaeologists have found (the main an always entertaining leading lady Noomi Rapace). When they arrive on the foreign planet low and behold there does appear to be signs of intelligent life. There is however also, strange canisters... leaking black liquid. After there initial visit motives come into question,  including those of the Android on board. Things get very messed up, and it seems that perhaps our planet owes more than a little to a race they call the engineers... and that's as far as I go.

This film is an experience. For me, as a film fan, as a fan of space, this film held me for every minute of it's two hour run time. It's a feast for the eyes, and mind. Now first, I want to explain that I feel this feel stands on it's own. It was a smart, and surely trying, idea to build a plot that allows a casual viewer to enjoy, while appeasing the throngs of Alien fans. There is enough here to melt my brain, and demand repeated viewings.

Now to address some of the problems i have heard. They do tie this to the Alien universe. Is it a constant thread that they bring up throughout the entire movie - NO. However, that is how they set up a scenario that you get involved in to the point that when they explain how and why we are tied to this race, it knocks you back. To the people that apparently did not catch the clear explanations of those threads that I will not explain here... I don't know what to say, perhaps if you give it another chance you will see it clearer. I also want to state that I in no way had any problem with the soundtrack. I have read out there in the wide web-a-verse that some people felt the music overwhelmed some moments. Sci-fi has a history of lengthy, impressive soundtracks... epic... is a word I would use to describe this one.

Is it perfect? No.

Problems -
1. The ending, though not a disappointment is really, pointlessly open-ended.
2. Charlize Theron deserved a better closing moment
3. The self surgery, and the um... lack of problem that any one seems to have with the giant wound... and blood. Maybe that happens often in space?
4. The opening scene???? But perhaps on another view.
5. You will say to yourself... Really did that person just get saved by a rock?            
Oh and 6. No scientist - In a situation like that - would ever talk to a menacing creature like a pet shop puppy.

That is all. Small things.
I super mucho enjoyed this. I am so happy it lived up to the hype, for me anyway. I can understand why some of you die hards might not be fully satisfied, but there are rumours of a sequel coming... so perhaps then. Though I for one, ain't really feeling like i need one. This'll do.

So pretty.

Movie scale 3.5 out of 5 stars
Sci-fi scale 4 out of 5 stars.

Might be time to break out my classic Aliens discs...

-Boony saying look both ways before crossing the spaceship hallway.

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