Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Here it is, another segment in our infinitely popular (or, you know, soon to B) future awesomeness preparedness. Yes, I know I over worded that. It's kinda, like my thing. So on the eve of my cohort's review of VHS (One of Bucklesworth's picks in his first TRAILER TRASH) i thought, they want more, I want more, what makes my spidey parts tingle... Ah. Dammit it. That cartoon is seriously messing with my one-liners...

LOOPER (endish 2012)

I really hate being force fed advertisements before the prime vid. Just thought I would share. I guess someone realized everyone clicked "skip" lol... moving on. A film about a hitman in the past (Joseph Gorden-Levitt) who is sent victims form the future who he offs. Only one rule, always pull trigger. All good till his future self shows up, Bruno McWilliss... Ooooooo ya. Two of my fav actors, in a neat little action packed Sci-fi venture. Popcorn. Seatbelt. Gigglyawesome.

TAI CHI 0 (oct 2012)

"A steampunk-kung-fu-showdown" Yup. I'm sold. And ninjas with glowing eyes. And slow motion explosions. And its from the people that did IP MAN. In. Also let the record show I was so very torn between putting this up, or THE MAN WITH THE IRON FISTS. But, I limited myself to two that is the rule.

Here's hoping the fall shapes up to be the awesome collection of film it looks like!

-Boony, signing of from the park.

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