Friday, August 17, 2012

Spiders in her hair


Okay first about the title... I just saw System of a Down live so... ya that's what I'm going with, don't care. The awesomeness of the concert has overwhelmed my cutegiggletitle consistency.

Spiderman is kinda the dark horse of the marvel world (I think that may have just been a super comic pun, mind blown...). First because he ushered in the world of the new mega-budget/mega-successful hero movie. He is also the only one not owned by the mickey-earred deity wannabe that is Disney. He should be introduced into the Avengers world, but will he, sadly I don't know... looking ruff on that one.

So Spiderman was a first of sorts, and now it is again. The first to reboot within years of the original films. New cast, new story, darker characters, and so on. I was excited. First because Spiderman 3 left much to be desired, and well, let's face it, much to raise a shaking fist at. Second, because I really was never a huge fan of Tobey M's Peter Parker.

They have changed a few things here. New connections with the parents. Even a slight adjustment to the eternal line "With great power comes great responsibility" that I appreciated. Anyone who doesn't know the story, well, loveable nerd gets bit my genetic spider, develops all spider power, while maintaining the same limb count. This film he also meets his first, Gwen Stacey, and now his first villain, Dr. Connors, AKA the Lizard.

Okay the good. Andrew Garfields Spiderman is awesome. Just enough of the loveable nerd, with just enough budding heroness. Denis Leary as Gwen's spidey hating Father, I mean, Denis Leary is the freaking man. Uncle Ben's tragic demise is handled with much more dramatic flare. I especially liked the no last breath speech type thing. I was there, and I felt it. Flash Thompson has few, but good scenes of the nerd herding bully, and a nerd herding heart in one awesome scene. The look of this film is awesome. Darker than the last trilogy, in a good way I thought. Though they don't get into it much, Peter Parker is back to designing his own web shooters... Yaaaaaaay. The first person stuff was kinda cool.

The bad. The Lizard. Anyone who has followed any of the original series, comic, or cartoon, knows that the Lizard is like the Mr. Hyde to Connors, Dr. Jekyll. He is a monster without remorse of thought. In this film he's more of super everything than a beast. Think If Hulk could do things that Bruce Banner could while green. And it didn't work for me. Lost the humanity of Connors struggle. Why, does everyone in this film keep seeing Spiderman's face. Really. Just annoyed me. He has a "secret" identity damn it. Aunt May being like young... er. Nope. Not cool.

There you have it, pros, meet cons. I enjoyed this film despite a few major flaws. As a whole Emma Stone (Gwen) and Andrew G are light years beyond the forced chemistry of Tobey and Kirsten Dunst. I also found it interesting that both films (this and the first Spiderman) currently have identical ratings on the mega-rate often under-rate site that is IMDB. I think that's fair both were very worthy, and interesting parts of trilogies (no surprise more web coming).

This is a lotta fun if you like Spiderman. If you loved... I mean Loved the previous trilogy perhaps watch with your rage on simmer because you may lose it. Also, despite my above comments, and the ones in my previous review... comic films are beginning to take liberties with the content. We embraced the super dark Dark Knight Trilogy, I guess it's our own fault the majority of newer comic films will take that route... or try to at least adjust the shade down a few toaster levels.

Movie scale 3.5 out of 5 stars
Comic/superhero scale 4 out of 5 stars.

Working on my web aim...
Yes. Ha. Oh hell...

Boony outs

P.S. - Anyone watching the new strange-as-hell spidey show? Actually kinda cool. Has made me Laugh out loud (Yup, I refused to short form that). Check it out see what you think. Also I really wanted to go comic nerd on you and drop this for the Title poster -

Best MJ cover ever! Dont you screw her up dammit!

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