Friday, August 7, 2015

Lost River (2014)

Something twisted this way comes....

Ryan Gosling is a pretty damn fine actor. If you don't think so while then you clearly have avoided his body of work, and more than likely have only seen him in The Notebook as such I get it. However the man is talented. Though after meeting with Director Nicolas Winding Refn for the amazing Drive he then fell in love with the man's art over substance and created one of the worst films I have ever seen in my life - ONLY GOD FORGIVES. To this day probably the most hate I have ever dumped on one film.

And as you are Loyal Booniacs, you knows I try my best to find the best in the films I watch... Determined to be anything but a "Hater" haha... but sometimes... this shit gets to me. So when I heard Ryan G was going to be writing and directing his first flick. I was a little worried. I knew his association with Nicolas Refn would more than likely lead to a very artistic and color drenched film experience. Which is fine. But would it have substance?

The Lost River story goes: A Son and His Mother struggle to survive extremely poor in a decaying if not destroyed neighbourhood. Along the way the son might find trouble with rival street gangs over left behind copper in destroyed/abandoned buildings. He might also find love with a equally disillusioned girl. All the while his Mother struggles to make ends meat in a modern Grand Gignol stage show. Ya. Thats your plot.

I can't feel my face... Guys.. I can't feel my face!
Ok. A word of warning, lost river an art house film. No doubt about it. Slow burning houses with creepy poetic rhythms playing. Voice overs out of no where. Camera cuts to random objects and scenery. That said. Really when done right, there is nothing wrong with arthouse. Sure its not for everyone, but hey, neither is blood soaked 80s cinema.

There is a beauty here. Real and earnest. The cast is nothing short of amazing. From Christina Hendricks (from MAD MEN) as the mom, to an unrecognizable Matt Smith (and no if you don't know where he's form I'm not telling!)... and every part inbetween is littered with talent. The script is a strange and human thing. As well, as it should be with such a flick. In fact considering this came from the mind of Ryan Gosling I must say I was impressed with both the depth of his depravity and his understanding of the humanity of such things. Me thinks the man has quite the dark side.

There is some thing here... Director wise. Hell perhaps even writing wise... that suggests the possibility of something great within the creator. Now is this the film? I don't know. Honestly its close. I was thoroughly transfixed by most of this film. A man who has seen art films from every corner of the world try to convince me how original and unique they are... was occasionally fully in the sway of this film. And unlike Ryan G's director buddy... he does not forget the most important aspect of art... your audience is your medium... not the other way around.

Um. Guys. So about that 711. 
Ok I went a little deep there. But I wanted to get a little artsy too.... dammit! Its a fancy way of saying making art for yourself is a nice way of saying you no longer care... or know how to connect with an audience. No one... no one will ever convince me that art should be made absent an audience, because is art... is essence meant to be appreciated? And maybe by someone other than the creator... and his/her six buddies that think its great...

Yes. I ranted there. That is just because I am a little stunned to fond how much I liked this film. It is not one for all tastes. If you liked Drive, and have sought out films such as Beyond the Black Rainbow then this is right up your alley. A brilliant soundtrack. Some very good to great acting... and a new voice behind the camera.

Movie scale 3.5 out of 5 stars
Weird WTF movie scale 3.5 out of 5 stars

ONE LINE REVIEW: Crazy Ryan G is my kinda G.


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