Sunday, August 17, 2014

Guardians of the Galaxy (2014)


You probably already know the planet loves this movie, I am a little behind in getting my review ahead of the masses here... but you know, screw it. You keep coming back for more, so damn it, I am gunna give it to you, hard.

Also. If all you want to do is get the whole review in one line, here you go -

I saw this flick in theatre, twice!

Making it only the 3rd flick I have ever done that with. The first being The Fifth Element, the second being Freddy vs Jason. Soooooo ya. Pretty exclusive company your.

Your story. A man abducted from earth in 1988, a green woman with Daddy Issues, a big green guy with some rage issues, a racoon with attitude issues, and a plant man... must find a way to become friends, heroes, and save the universe from a blue guy... with entitlement issues.

So what do you need to know about this flick? Is it original. Nope. Pretty much standard sic-fi space drama. But, this film does something that I haven't experienced in theatre in a long long time... something that has so sorely been missed that it makes the story and the characters within it feel so fresh you find yourself pacman smiling... IT HAS FUN. I mean real, deep belly laugh fun. And within that fun they weave interesting people, fantastic action, and some cool plot...

I give you - evil android smurfette. 
YES! I say that because there are at least 3 YES! moments in this film. Like genuine stand up and cheer moments. You know how that happens? You like it. You like the tone, you like the people, so when they kick ass in wondrous 3D (and it is grand) you get pretty damn invested. It's simple hollywood... anyone ever looking to connect the audience with characters in big budget, half of this film will be action, flicks... here you go. I mean within the first 5 minutes you already love Chris Pratt as Star-Lord, the will be leader of the ragtag squad.

And can we talk about how badass a Racoon can be? Cheers to Bradley Coopers voice work... annnnnd a shout out to Vin Diesel who, voicing the man Plant Groot, manages to create a character with three words... I AM GROOT. Zoe Saldana is great as usual (I do hope this woman eventually gets the credit she deserves, of course she may need to step away from all these 200 million dollar

Give me all your berries!
Director James Gunn... A man forever in my heart for SLITHER and SUPER delivers like a champ here. The action is bright, fun, laced with drama, and most importantly, cool.

Verdict. Get off ya butts and see this film in theatre. Hell, your friends already have, don't be that guy... eating doritos, watching a shaky cam download... going "It was ah-ite". Ain't no-body got time for that.

Heart. Everything in this movie would be nothing without the surprising amount of heart this film sneaks in. The opening scene is gut wrenching, and you don't even know the character yet. But thats just it... it goes back to just how likeable the characters are. They slip in these heartwarming moments and you find yourself caught off guard. That little pang of emotion catching your throat... the two minutes later you're laughing and fist pumping...

A true achievement in the "Based on a comic" films, and one of the best science fiction flicks in a long, long, time...

in a galaxy far, far...


Movie scale 4 out of 5 stars
Sci-fi scale 4.5 out of 5 stars

ONE LINE REVIEW - Space awesomeness. I may see it a 3rd time. 


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