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You could rightfully look at that title and first feel the deep warming of your kung fu heart with the belief that any, and all, movies that would dare name themselves - NINJA, let alone NINJA II, are cause for joy. Then in the second thereafter you might scroll to the right and think "What the F is this twilight sparkle vampire crap - Shadow of a tear business?"

And hey, who could blame you. Certainly not I Charles Boonsweet. But having watched this film I encourage you to witness the absurd cheesiest of that title as a challenge. A challenge the filmmakers laid down to themselves. Guys we are making a bad ass ninja flick, I wanna give it the cheesiest title ever, and then make a damn movie so awesome, that the title and all its harlequin romance glory become there by equally awesome. 

Ya. I'm on a roll, I'm on vacation, and well... it's a good day.

In case you are wondering, that is sweaty ninja corner technique 7
The Ninja Plot goes: After the events of the first film, Casey (the next gen action star - Scott Adkins), now runs the Dojo. And is all kinds of in love with the former Master's daughter. Then, well, a super evil Ninja - with world war 2 black ops experience I might add - decides to off his woman (who was Preggers! Ruh-roh). So Casey traverses the globe... Mostly so he can beat up a wide assortment of peeps... and work his way up towards the SUPER NINJA of drug dealing doom!

Thats the good stuff. Hey are you gunna complain about the plot of a ninja film? I mean didn't they make like 483 during the 70s and 80s with basically the same plot. Someone dies, and you know, someone goes and makes the killers dead.

So really, all we should be discussing is awesomeness... and folks, lace up your Ninja booties cause this is a blast. Everything from the first film is cranked up. The fights are phenomenal. I am talking Grade A environment destroying greatness. I can't even explain the amount of violence they pack into this flick. I mean this film is like 90 freaking minutes and he must beat up roughly 86 people.

Do a... I even need a caption for this one? I think not. 
That folks is an impressive butt kick to run time ratio!

Adkins is this generations Van Damme, or Don "The Dragon" Wilson. Ya occasionally he acts and stuff but really he kicks good ass. Thats what we pay for, that is what we want - ARE WE NOT MEN! (shout out to ISLAND OF LOST SOULS). Well, that and the talent behind the camera (and in the choreography dept) to capture all that talent for our Foot-2-face hungry eyes. No complaints here guys, none. How often you here ol' Boony here say some shit like that?

Ya it's not 60 mill budget polished but the cameras hang back, no quick cuts, no F'ing shaky cam. Just good ol' fashioned set the camera here and watch the men fight! Damn it, if you are sitting down to a movie called NINJA: Shadow of a Freaking tear how dare you ask for more! This film delivers on every level.

Unlike a film like Ong Bak 2 where after the adrenaline and chaos of the first you were subjected to an hour+ of crap just to get what - 20 minutes of what you sat down for? This film knows what you want, and gives it, and gives, and gives... till you are cheering drink raised high.

Just enough plot to keep the fights coming, and the scenery changing...

Brilliant Ninja times.
Did I mention Adkins actually does ninja stuff, like make sleep darts, and ninja bombs... and stuff. And ya, he might use grenades, and be a little weak in the stealth department, but hey... I'll take.

movie scale 2.5 out 5 stars
Ninja movie scale 4 out of 5 stars

Chuck Boonsweet is out this peace Y'all saying, this films kung fu action brought a tear to my eye... well maybe just a shadow...

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