Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Ninja Movie Of the Month May'13


Hoooooooe doggie have I got a ninja foot to face flick for you Booniacs and Buckleheads this month. First the closest I can come to a ridiculously cheesy and awesome opening... this film had me at "Hello". And by hello I mean the film equivalent, the first 5 minutes. Which contains, horrible theme music that is strangely awesome (featuring lines like - Ninja fight, show honour, ninja die), and Ninjas in training. Many ninjas doing ninja things like digging holes to hide in and scaling walls. I mean in all honesty, all the many NMOTM entries here at B&B, this one had to have the most Ninja filled credits. Then the film continues...

So there is a super kung fu guy in town. He does things like save villagers from douches, and well, just busies himself being an all around good guy. Using his powers for good. Meanwhile, there is an evil "Ninja" of equal skill on a mission of revenge, hunting down those he deems responsible for a great misdeed.

Yup. So a typical, and cool, plot. What makes this movie sooooooo VERY worthy of this here review is the Ninja action. The Ninjas actual do Ninja things. Smoke bombs, ninja traps, assassinations. And how is the fighting you ask? Damn impressive. The opening major fight sequence has our Hero battling a bunch of punks at a festival. The highlight being an insane stunt work of kungfuery where he battles on stilts for three-four minutes. I mean, its not too often I am in awe of a scene. But stilts... and back flips on stilts... gold!

Um, guys, I really have to go... 
And the hits keep right on rolling. First the plot is simple and unpolluted so you don't have any WTF moments to worry about. The humour is actually well times, and on occasion translates well. The acting is decent. The stunt work is nuts. Another great scene of Ninja ness is the confrontation between the two leads. How they go trap for trap, move for move. Even a cool part where the Ninja takes out the light because in the darkness he has the advantage... seeee! Gold!

The violence is defs fun and wonderfully over the top at times.

I really have nothing negative to say about this film. One of my fav Ninja flicks ever now, and on the list of coolest classic kung fu. If you are a chop-sockey fan and have yet to scope this flick out - make time. I mean not that you wouldn't after my glowing recommendation. :)

The fights are all well designed, and lengthy... no bullshit cop out here. Though at times the humour is a little misplaced. But I guess they figured it would help wash down all that blood shed... well damn it... I like my violence straight no-chaser!

Movie scale 3 out of 5 stars
Ninja scale 4 out of 5 stars.

Just want to say I am stoked for the new K-Reeves flick - Man from Tai-chi.
How sic does that look! Man they really just don't make them like this any more ...

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