Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Dreddfull... is the new awesomeful... ish...

DREDD (2012)

So many moons ago there was a comic created that infused the minds of young boys and girls... no, scratch that, just boys, with mind blowing images of futuristic judge and crime and dealing of punishment. That comic was JUDGE DREDD. Then a few less moons ago Sly Stallone got together with some peeps said "Hey that comic is awesome, so violent and cool. Lets make it PG and market it towards kids" and then the movie bombed, and the comic creator threatened self violence in protest.

Ok, that last part a slight exaggeration, though not by much. Moral of the story, the creator hated it, and it bombed. Though over time I think some myself included have chosen to enjoy its cheese. Though I enjoy as a vision of the source material (or wonderful lack thereof lol) and not a silver screen recreation.

So decades pass and someone says "Hey, we have a bunch of money, lets remake this thing. True to the comic, with buckets of blood, and in 3D"

And I being the awesome loving chap I am, said, yes make mine a double.

Plot is all future like. The world went to KAKA their are criminals everywhere, and only the "Judges", a force of bike riding badasses can protect it. The baddest of the bunch, Judge "Don't make me take of this helmet" Dredd. So Dredd and a new recruit go to answer a call. End up running up against a crazy drug dealing former Sarah Connor playing (TV not film) baddy who decides she don't wanna let two judges that know her stuff walk about, and cue the violence.

First let me say this, the 3D in this film, at least for the first twenty minutes or so, is down right fantastic. The added cool of the drug in the film causing peeps to see things in slow motion. Guns, explosions, and tons of slow motion. Yup. It's pretty much a 3D steak when most times we get a 3D  McDouble at best. You will find yourself all a smile with the "wow" and the "That was sweet"

Karl Urban steps into the role and owns it. I mean the man has to act the entire film with only half a face, impressive stuff. I mean ask yourself, if all you could show anyone was from top lip down, could you really intimidate anyone? I submit, you could not.

All in all this was a glorious, and fantastically over the top R rated actioner. Something that lets face it is a dying breed in your local cineplex. And considering the support this film got opening weekend, that sad trend might continue. Guys, understand, this is not a film you take your lady too. Unless, she is mad into Cult flicks, and has a Blood, guts, and glory tattoo above her seventh piercing. In which case I congratulate you on your feminine abilities :)

This is one to grab up ya boys... or Boyz however you roll, bring the nine bucks for snacks, and do this thing. The first words out of your mouth after it will prob be "Man that one scene was so sweet" and there are many my faithful followers, there are many.

Film rating 3 out 5 stars
Action film rating 4 out of 5 stars.

Chuck Boonsweet is out yo. To trip the fantastic slow mo.

P.S. - Booya.

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