Tuesday, October 9, 2012

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BAIT 3D (2012)

Jaws dropped some 30 years ago, in fact for those that don't know; the term blockbuster actually originated from its release. People were lined up around the block. The impact of that one film has been felt through all genres, including horror. It single-handedly made many a child afraid to go in the water. You try explaining to a 9 year old after his first experience with JAWS that sharks can't be in the swimming pool. No seriously, try, you might ask my Mom for pointers.

Still with the impact of the film there have been very few attempts to duplicate it. Before anyone says anything about the slew of Syfy originals... shut it! They most certainly do not count. Sorry, they just don't. Awesome in their own way, a way that is slightly above anti film... lol. So when I hear about a new entry in the genre, a serious entry, I get a little excited. When I hear that they used limited CGI and built a robotic shark, well, heck they did, and I get a little more excited.

So plot. A tsunami hits the coast of Australia. A bunch of peeps get trapped in a busted up mall, with a shark, or two. And, um, so they try to escape and stuff. Ok. Pause. I know your brains are obviously a few levels above your average bears (I mean you are obviously of grand intelligence being booniacs and buckle heads), and as such you are probably saying "Dang a shark in a mall, are you sure this isn't Sharktopus 17?". A fair question. Here's a fact, after a tsunami hits there have been multiple reports of shark attacks in the small villages. Even waiting in the shallower waters when the tides recede to get their chompers on the livestock. So, really, if this film had been made in Hollywood you would have probably got a "based on a true story" label.

The acting is actually pretty good, the variety of people is nice. Makes for a good arrangement of root for, and root against. The shark action is really good. The setting allows for all kinds of cool stuff. A couple trapped in a car, under water, with a shark circling them? Yup. Cool. Couple drama that gets worked out through impending life threats... ok... not so original or cool, but its okay, because shark, and more shark. One thing I will say. Do you have to really show the person popping out of the water after an attack every time? Oh he's dead... awww... no wait there he is reaching out... no he's dead... oh wait, he's up again. And awww... I guess he was dead after all...

Come on.

The effects are really good folks. A tone of practical. The CGI ain't too shabby. How is it Australia has been making horror films for like a decade and then still outdo 90% of the CGI coming out of Japan? That folks is an odd little fact.

I think most of you scare lovers, or shark flick lovers, will dig this one. Its no Jaws, but it definitely had a few cool things to offer. And in 3D a great time to rock out the at home entertainment.

movie scale 3 out 5 stars
Horror scale 3 stars out of 5 stars

Also, in a side note. Sharks are sadly misunderstood creatures, and we really need to stop people from wiping them out from around the world as they are an essential part of our ecosystem...
But damn do they make for good on screen destruction...

-Boony saying keep those water wings on.

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