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I hope somehow, the world will acknowledge the impact, and importance of Jackie Chan's body of work. Here is a man that single handedly sculpted the stunt world. Anything you see Tommy Cruise do, Jackie did it first, and prob from six more stories up. I doubt we'll see him gets the lifetime achievement award at the Oscars, but at least the Golden Balls at the spike awards... Something dammit. He has been kicking ass for what... Thirty years. He writes. Directs. Choreographs. Basically invented slapstick kungfu (Okay yes Sammo Hung deserves credit, but really, the chicken or the egg... I dunno).
Dragons forever somehow slipped under my radar, till just now. How - I don't know. However, I have found you now twenty five year old chopsockey brilliance.
Plot as follows. Jackie is a lawyer. He has buddies that help him sway cases. His employer is a bad man. Jackie and his friends end up following for the women they are trying to beat in the case. So they have to battle the bad guys.
This movie was a very big deal in Asian cinema when it dropped because it had the 3 big names in kung fu film at the time. Jackie Chan - Sammo Hung - Biao Yuen (I had no idea who this guy was. Wow. Just wow. Insane skills). It would have been the equivalent of Sylvester Stallone, Bruce Willis, and Arnold doing a film together in their prime. Rocky vs A terminator that came back in time to kill John McClane? Anyone? Trademarked Punks!
The kung fu in this film is just amazing. A true showcase for each martial artist in here. The fights between them are just too much fun. How they work three stooges schtick into a three way kung fu brawl... brilliance. You know what I wasn't expecting form this film? Me laughing. Hard. Asian film, as wonderful as it is, occasionally (very often) loses me in the humor aspect. Not this one. You are laughing hard one minute, and then picking your jaw off the floor after a stunt. Sammo Hung "exploding" out of a closet might be one of my fav comedy moments ever. I know I said it; EVER. The fights honestly, could not have asked for better. If you are a fan of martial arts films you will see quite a few moves, and camera work, borrowed for today's big ones. Ong Bak... Protector... more than a little bit inspired from this lil nugget.
The fights are great. Almost equal fight time for each of the three stars... Yes, Jackie gets a lil mo' love. That's alright though. The final showdown well have you cheering. It actually made this bruceleelovinjackywudiggintonyjaacheering self fist pump lol.

Dig it Ninja boot to face fans.

Movie scale 3 out of 5 stars
Kung Fu scale 4 out of 5 stars...


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