Tuesday, March 27, 2012

He pisses fire! U damn right he does.

GHOST RIDER 2 : Spirit of Vengeance (2012)

Nic Cage is the man.
I don't care. Hate me. Doubt my awesomeness. My rebuttal...
The Rock - Conair - Drive - Faceoff (and the list goes on). Now is Ghost Rider the equal of any of these films. No. No it is not. Was the first Ghost Rider complete cheese? Yes. Yes it was. Was I okay with that... I think I am. I wasn't. I am now.
Okay here's the thing about the Ghost Rider. It's a dude, that becomes a flaming skeleton... And beats up bad guys (who inexplicably continue to battle with a dude that has turned into A FREAKIN FLAMIN SKELETON!). The comics are sweet. The movie is PG cheese. That said. Nic Cage is the reason I enjoyed this film. The first film tried hard to be all bad, and cool, and well, sorry you just can't do that when you've been PGboxedin. Nic gave it a good go, but, just couldn't quite find his smooth. Oooooo and that damn "Innocent" line haha... Here however for round two Nic just goes for it. They all do. The director, the supporting cast, balls 2 da wall silly fun.
The story here... Um. Well... I think a kid is the son of the devil. And his mom is trying to protect him from hitmen, and minions. Ghost Rider gets sucked into protecting the boy... PG violence ensues.
Okay... in the pro column...
-NIC CAGE pisses fire.
Actually I feel that could be the entire pro column.
The cons...
- Plot. Really. WTF.
- Um. Flaming crane?
- Wait. Aren't there four horsemen of the apocalypse?
- The crazy holy man that gets the rider involved... best part of film. He is so damn serious is a movie where a dude pisses FIRE!
Listen this is not the greatest comic movie. In fact prob not in the top ten. Or 58... lol. But it is fun. Cheese. Watching Nic transform on the bike in a ridiculously horribly edited scene while he laughs insanely and screams - Gold.
Ok fine. It kinda sucks lol... but it does look great. And there is enuff here to warrant a watch. Preferably while intoxicated.

Movie scale 1 out of 5 stars
Comic/hero movie scale 2.5 our of 5 stars.

Charles B. Boonsweet signing off.

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