Thursday, January 20, 2011

Then sea Dwellers

ATLANTIS : The Lost Empire (2001)

Ok plot, if you are unaware of Atlantis. The legend/history goes as such. Super awesome city of long ago, was all advanced, and disappeared. So that's the legit part anyway... Enter Disney, and Atlantis had spaceships, and laser beams, and I think was populated by the extras from LILO and STITCH lol. So present day, a few thousand years after city went for a swim, bumbling science guy gets a mysterious benefactor to back his quest for fame, and the lost city. With a rag tag group of funny and colorful characters, they make there way past giant robot lobsters, fire bomb fireflies, and spear wielding Atlantians... (I should pause here if you are thinking how did they go from spaceships to spears, not sure something to do with a hidden glowing ball I believe) to the city itself.

That being said Boony loves this movie for a few reasons. This was one of two big budget Disney ventures into computer assisted animation that was not well received by the public (Reference the 150 million dollar flop that was the underrated TREASURE PLANET). Films that I thought along with another non Disney entry into the genre TITAN AE were actually very, very pretty, and fun.

Second... tremendous voice cast... Michael J Fox... Leonard Nimoy... James Garner (as a fantastic bad guy). and the dearly missed Jim Varney. Doyouknowwhatimean?

Lastly both my often indulged inner child and full grown man child thing Boony is now, agree, this movie is a blast. Some great one liners. Solid inside jokes... and memorable characters...

Maybe not one of Disney's most famous ventures. But a risky and expensive one, that I have thought since the first time delivers some of the most amazing visuals this side of CGI and 85 minutes of family enjoyment much warranted to see.

Movie scale : 2.5 out of five stars
Animated scale : 3.5 out of five stars

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