Monday, October 19, 2009

A bite outta that mainstream


So you know what sucks about Zombie movie? Big budgets, computerized gore. It might be the most evidently miss used sub genre in all of Hollywood. Instead of understanding that you don't need millions in computerized blood, and explosions (yes one of the rare times I will hate on explosions) and so on, and so on. They continue to crap out the same tired attempts to reinvent the genre, when funny story, the genre keeps on freaking ticking all on its own.

Still every once in a while you need to remind the world Zombies ain't going nowhere... And if they Woody (where the hell you been) Harrelson will kick there human eating asses.

Zombie fans rejoice, this is for you. Movie fans that hate Zombie movies, you might just jump on this one.

So story is simple. Zombies took over. White boy with a fro (Jessie "I like to play one type of person" Eisenberg) has survived with a wonderful and entertaining list of rules. He meets a cowboy hat wearin Zombiemesserupper with a twinkie fetish. Together they kill Zombie and debate life, and the state of the world. They meet a hot Sister and her younger sister. And through a trying and back stabbing course of events hit the road together... Chaos ensues... a kick ass celebrity cameo happens, and well dead people get F'd up. Really, really, messed up.

Woody rocked this role. Fifteen minutes into the movie I was wondering where the hell he's been. I'm sure we'll be seeing more of him in the near future. Emma Stone looks damn good in this movie (as does Amber Heard in a small but visually rewarding role) she really seems to be coming into her own as the hot sidekick/female lead. Look for her to pop up perhaps to toss her name in the vacant "scream queen" sweepstakes. Jesse is good really, but much like Michael Cera, they don't so much act as take roles made for them. It works though. Basically imagine the dude from "ADVENTURELAND" with a gun, and a body count.

One more thing to add... I liked this more than... yes hold you breath... Shaun of the dead. I know, shocking, but here's why:
SHAUN OF THE DEAD was funny. Too funny, as in silly. I had a great time, but I never really felt any peril for the characters involved, it was just too much slapstick. I like the film yes, much, but I would consider more of a straight comedy. Zombieland manages to create, dare I say it, a more realistic feel. Yes there's humor but it seems to fit within the story rather than defining it. There was real emotion here, and peril. This are normal people dealing with the end of the world.

Movie scale 3.5 out of five stars
Horror/comedy scale 4 out 5 stars

Grab your popcorn... this is the smash the summer blockbusters should have been.

-Chuck B. Boonsweet

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