Thursday, June 19, 2008

This Boy loves Mandy Lane


Brace yourselves folks, are you sitting, strapped, popcorn, and pop porn in hand... Finally I give you a kick ass Horror flick. And not just any, no computer ghosts here, no twisting plot that you need 47 flashbacks at the end to understand. A good old fashion, American made, slashfest. How many times have we, the slasher fans, had to endure a film with some critics review slapped across the cover "Move over Freddy, and Jason"... or "Finally, the next great American slasher". Only here's the thing, Freddy, Jason, Michael, they're all still here because ain't no one showed up to steal their shoes let alone replace them. However, this I promise, will be a horror flick that makes the rounds, and is still on any respectable horror fans shelf in 30 years.
This flick rocks. Mandy Lane is the most beautiful, and wanted girl in her school. For the duration of high school every boy has tried, unsuccessfully to hook up with Mandy Lane. Some to extremes ending with loss of life. Finally, the last big party of the summer, to be held a rich kids ranch, she agrees to some out, and hang with some of the most popular kids. All the guys of course taking bets, and measuring cocks to see who will be the one to finally get her. So, they show at the ranch. And proceed to get all kinds of intoxicated. A big tough ranch hand keeps them out of trouble (shooting snakes before they can bite the guests, hanging out in the cabin by the house, that sort a shizzie). Then someone shows up, and the popular kids start dying, oh do they die, as the killer makes his way to Mandy Lane.
Yeah you're right not the most original plot, but it is somehow. It feels different then every other straight to DVD slasher. The acting here is better than the norm, the ladies, especially Mandy Lane, are smoking, the kills are fun as hell. And the writing is fantastic. Not once in this flick did I feel like the characters were forced, or unnatural, the conversations really felt like the crap I trade over drinks with my friends. Also, I owe this film so very much for introducing Boony to the term, "Smarty-cunt"... So sweet. 
I loved every minute of this flick. It had me from the opening credits. The direction is great, never feels like a low budget flick, they work every dollar. Soundtrack is on. The humor is on. What can I say, as a horror/slasher fan, I am giddy as hell. Even a few twists and such in there that will stretch that "horror loving one to many remakes" frown upside down.

Movie scale 3.5 out of 5 stars
Horror/slasher scale 4.5 out of 5 stars

There is hope slasher fans, of course we all still have to deal with the "Friday the 13th" remake on the way... but yeah "Halloween" turned out pretty good....
Slash you later bitches


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