Thursday, May 29, 2008

I bring you, finally, the death of Superman

SUPERMAN/DOOMSDAY (2007, animated)

Okay, Bryan Singer is obviously a damn good director. The Usual Suspects, and the comic powerhouses that were the first two X-men flicks, but, and it pains me to say this, seriously, he took the most powerful, most well known hero, and made a nice, artsy, sweet, boring, piece of critic praise... otherwise known as, "Superman Returns". How you make a Superman movie without a showdown, without a punch thrown, robot hurled through a building, insert own other want here, is so beyond me. Well Superman fans, though they have promises much more boom for your buck in the upcoming "Superman: Man of steel (2009)", till then I give you an awesomely entertaining piece of Superman flick that is "Superman/doomsday".

Okay so lot of things already going for this flick, before you even watch the dang thing. 1, the same folks behind the cartoons, Batman, Superman, Justice League, and Justice League Unlimited, are backing this one, and 2, it involves Doomsday. For those that don't know, well, damn it bitches, do some research. Doomsday killed Superman in the comics, biggest selling comic of all time I might add, nothing even comes close. So when I heard these guys were getting together and doing their interpretation of the tale, I got girl scout cookie delivery giddy. And, after watching, this, THIS is the flick "Superman Returns" wishes it was.
The action in this tale is fantastic. We're barely 5 minutes in, bang, Superman and Doomy Doom are going at it hardcore, and for quite a while. The fight direction is fantastic. Slow motions, exploding buildings, blow for blow, one of the funnest fights to watch, ever, in animated form. I'll put this up there with any of the animes you wanna throw at me. Now, yes it does deviate from the original story, but how could they not really, with the average viewer having no idea who some of the players and story lines from the original comic were. So he gets his fight on, and then the fun really begins with a Superman returning form the grave, but different somehow... oh Lex Luthor do you have something to do with it... hmmmmm

Anyone ever seen "An evening with Kevin Smith"? If you have their is a lovely reference in this to a certain mechanical spider... too sweet, loved it. So you in the mood for popcorn and some epic ass whompin', Superman style?... If you walked out of Superman Returns going, "How'd they make a kid", and, "Did Kumar just kick Superman's ass?" Then this should be as sweet therapy for you, as it was me. Great take on the legendary tale, great voice work, animation is top notch, and the writing is a lot darker, and mature, than Saturday mornings let me tell you (solid PG 13 rating).
Enjoy, I am sure I will be watching this movie many more times, just to enjoy sharing it with my comic loving herds :)

Movie scale : 3.5 stars out of 5 
Comic movie scale: 4.5 out of 5 stars

I'm wearing my undies outside my pants right now... and it feels gooooooooood... ha

Boony outta this beyotch

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