Sunday, May 4, 2008

Faster than a tank missile, able to leap tall building in a single jet powered launch...

IRON MAN (2008)

Finally, I mean sweet (insert a range of profanities to make my point more then made) finally, a super hero movie that completely, A) Lives up to the hype, B) Has action, a lot of awesome action, and C) Can be fun for the whole family without annoying you with shitty one liners, and stupid plot changes. That's right folks, here it is, 2008's first big ass blockbuster, get off your ass and go see this thang.
Tony Stark(Robert Downey Jr.) is a billionaire weapons designer/seller/playboy. He's a genius, who really doesn't care too much for anything but fun, and being Tony Stark. On a trip to Afghanistan to promote his latest weapon to interested buyers, his envoy is attacked, and he is taken hostage. Badly injured, Tony is saved by a fellow prisoner, who manages to install a electromagnet into his chest, allowing his heart to keep beating, powered by a large battery. When Tony wakes he is told he has to design a new weapon for the terrorists that have captured him. They have a large amount of weapons his company has made for parts. He decides instead to build, first, a better battery for himself, and then a suit of armor that will be powered by it. Then when finished he blows his way out, and is rescued. Back in the U.S. of A, he decides he don't want to be responsible for any more lives lost due to his weapons, and much to his companies dismay, vows no more weapon dealing.
Then he locks himself in his basement and perfects the armor suit design, in hopes of helping others harmed by his company's weapons deals, eventually creating the suit he'll be known for, the red and gold.
Robert Downey Jr., is a brilliant actor. No one can deny that, in fact I would put him in my top 5 all time, but the drugs, and a few bad choices have led to him being all but forgotten by the mainstream, well welcome back Rob, I have a feeling you'll be here for a while. The supporting acting is awesome around him too, front top to bottom. Gwyneth "Yes I named my first kid Apple" Paltrow, as his assistant, and perhaps the only woman he hasn't been with, is great. Terrance Howard as his best friend (and destine to be in a suit of armor himself come sequel time, they even play to that. War Machine, yeah that's right bitches I occasionally read a comic), I mean, you know he's good. Jeff Bridges as the money driven businessman is great. Just all around. The writing is great, all the way through. The humor is really funny, and doesn't seem forced, his R2D2 family friend, robot pal, is a blast. The action scenes are fantastic, and the show down, though a little short, does not disappoint (unlike "superman returns", oh what's that he lifted a giant rock out of the ocean? Wow that's a great show down, glad I spent my money on that 250 million flick). 
In short, all you could ask for to kick the summer off. Also, Marvel's first film solo from any other film studios, looking good for marvel. Stay till after the credits, there is a lovely must see scene, Marvel firing the first shot at DC. Obviously bringing their universes together, and sparking a future multi super hero flick (especially with Tony Stark's rumored appearance in the new "Hulk" film). DC's been talking about doing a BATMAN/SUPERMAN, or JUSTICE LEAGUE film for ever, but it looks like Marvel will be the first to bring different franchises together in one universe, and one film. I am tingly already. Seriously, my left nipple is vibrating right now.

movie scale 4 out of 5 stars
Super Hero scale 4.5 out of 5 stars

You know they'll be more Iron Man coming, and I can't wait.

Boonsweet out bitches 

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