Tuesday, March 18, 2014

I would go to Mars and back for you Bell.


That was the first thought when I heard they had successfully rallied the funds to make this film. YES! Ok. I admit it. I'm a huge Vernoiconian... or Marshead, or okay whatever the people that are super hardcore into the Veronica Mars TV show call themselves. Listen I like it, but I didn't get my fan club decoder ring or anything.

I do however own all 3 seasons (sadly not on bluray Booo!). And some things I will say about the show.

1. You should watch it. That simple. Make time.
2. It was, and still is, one of the coolest, cleverest shows ever. The writing was bang on. The acting was bang on, and Veronica Mars earned her place along side Buffy as one of the best female characters. Period. Don't believe me call Joss... he knows.
3. Kristen Bell. She was really, really hot, and I crushed, and I still crush (but this in no way influences my reviewing... probably)
4. I didn't realize how much I had missed the whole Mars gang till I saw this film...

No serious, for you... free rides... 
Your plot goes like this: Veronica has moved on, grown up. She is on the verge of landing a very lucrative big new york firm lawyer job. But Dennnnnnn... Veronica's bad boy ex - Logan, gets in trouble. People think he killed his pop star girlfriend (who also happens to be a high school friend of Veronica). She she packs up leaves her loving relationship behind and tells herself she's just going to help and will be back... But... the mystery turns out to have more layers than a 1880 prostitute... and she finds herself hanging around... and re-connecting...

So ya. A fun little plot device to make sure all us TV show fans get to see everyone we spent three seasons hating, and loving. Do not think that that means the average movie goer with no idea of the Mars mythology will not be able to appreciate this gem. You see creator Rob Thomas can really write, and he was smart to walk the line between familiarity without alienating new fans. I think I can firmly stand behind this statement: It was everything I wanted, and yet, anyone can enjoy the clever mystery. 

Ya, that sums it up. There is a distinct Nancy Drew meets Hitchcock meets pop culture speak here. It's fast, hip, and always intriguing. The amount of celebrity cameos are awesome, and never seem forced. Ya it's a cameo but usually they get a laugh... and if not, well we appreciate their joining this universe (however briefly).

Ya. Bell. Camera. Sleuthing. So hot.
A few of the facts due move very quickly. For example as accessible as the story is, understanding Vernoica's dismissal of her current sweet boyfriend so quickly might be a little cold to the new comers. Hoe is Logan in the army, and partying all over with the pop star for a year? The every cop is a D-bag vibe, and how quickly they slip in, and past, the side story involving a gang member being shot... well, I guess some of that could be the Wait for the next movie! hope that they have.

And I think they've earned it. However, with limited ad support, and in theatre support, it might be hard to get numbers in the bank that warrant another entry. With some of the heat they caught over the kickstarted campaign (most thinking they could've afforded it without fleecing fans) a second time may not go so well...

But, I hope so. Coming back to all this clever wit and derby secret having rich folks... really got me misty, and fist pump... ee... or something like that. Plus now that they've re-established the world for old and new... the next story could get crazier. I for one would love to see Veronica grow with her audience... HARD R! Let's see the intensity cranked, the profanity wit laced, and the sex in non blurry flashback mode.

Whoop whoop.

Not perfect, but satisfying. And #KristinBell how I still crush on your sweet, smart, mouth.... did that sound creepy? Damn it. It probe sounded creepy.

Also, Rob Thomas handled the big screen duties very well... and hearing Veronica use big girl words was nice... (take that Mulder and your "Shit").

Movie scale 3.5 out of 5 stars
Mystery cool scale 4 out of 5 stars

Booniacs... I hope there's a few of you out there that share my love for Mars. If not. Cool. If you have yet to check it out... invest. If you can burn through the series in this Tvbinging era... DOIT... and then the movie should make you feel what I feel... but if not, still worth watching.

Hey if all 91,000 that kickstarted this bitch buy the blurry... Bam! Another flick.


- Boonsweet out!

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