Monday, April 30, 2012

Owww... you broke my... entire skeletal structure...

HAYWIRE (2011)

Steven Soderbergh is a rather unique director. All over the directorial map. From touching tear jerkers (Erin Brocovich), to tripped out SciFi (Solaris), fun campy heist flicks (the Oceans' movies), and sooooo on. He is a man of great talents, however, sometimes he just can't quite get it right. That's what holds him back. Sometimes he just horribly misses the mark. I will not go so far to say that he could well be in a league with some of the best. But dammit the boy has got a shot if he ever just... pulls it all together....

Is HAYWIRE that movie? No.

It's still pretty damn cool.
Gina Carano (of legit MMA fame) stars as super tough bad ass spy chick who gets betrayed, and decided to end all those that betrayed her. That's it. Pretty much all you need. Stevey S (I refuse to spell out the whole name every time lol... its late, and I'm Monday lazy) has a tendency to make sum interesting casting choices. Say casting a crazy sexy porn star as the lead in your film (Sasha Grey in the Girlfriend experience). Gina, was an inspired choice. It works folks it works. What is one of the hardest things to believe in a film where you have a small attractive female fighting guys double her size and whompin them? No way that happens in real life. That's it. But here, with a fighter, a real deal, he knew what he was getting. Credibility. And the fight choreography is unbelievable. You feel every move. Every punch, kick. Never did I think anything , but dang that was a good fight.

So we know she kicks faces good, but can she act... Decent. Decent. Not great. Not good, but she holds her own. But like I said, I will give a little acting, to get way better bone to bone destruction. An example of how having a great actress, that can't pull off being that tough... watch Angelina Jolie punch a shark in Tomb Raider part two. Yup. She did. Little baby adopting A-joles. Punched. A shark. In the face.
Annnnd to counter any lacking in the acting side, they just straight pack this film with amazing actors and then let them carry almost all of the dialog. Look for it. Almost everything that comes out of Gina's mouth is a short response to a longer scene of acting from one of the vets.

So fun, action, solid whompins.... where of where did this movie go wrong... they tried to make it more than it was. This is a great action flick. That's it. There should of been more of judo chop! and less: 1. Leftover score from, well, any of the Ocean's movies 2. Colors changing, classic cameras to add class and forced cool (you know whats cool, watching your lead kick a mans head through a desk. You know whats not, a black and white bad guy walking in slow motion) 3. Seriously, why the hell was there even a weird young guy with her in that car. I mean really, there is just no way to believe that character, its sooooo forced. Oh you're taking my care... sure... yes cool, lets bond. Lol. Reeeee-dick.

Folks this is not a perfect film. But it may be one of the most believable female action roles ever. You remember the eighties... you remember those lady kung fu chicks.... hahaha... we have come a long way. And one more thing, Channing Tatum and Gina... damn that was sum hard violence. Loved the last line of the film. Another reminder of just how awesome this could have been with dare I say it... less polish.

Movie scale 2.5 out of 5 stars
Action scale 3.5 out of 5 stars

Gina. You are hot. And you beat up peeps good. I dig. I think I need an entire film of you and Channing fighting. Yup. Maybe you can scrap his character in DEAR JOHN :)

-Boony outs!

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