Thursday, November 19, 2009

NINE out of ... well something other than ten

NINE (2009)

I was pumped for this movie. I saw the short, then Tim "The freaky maestro" Burton got his hands on producing a full length feature with that guy with a name I will not attempt to spell here due to type laziness that made NIGHTWATCH, DAYWATCH, AND WANTED.

Nine dolls wake up in a world of dead people, destroyed cities, and sleeping robots. With the exception of a few creepy demon bot things. Their was a war, man lost to the machines, and then then turned off. Or shut down. Or decided to take a vacation. Who knows. I don't and I watched the damn thing.

First I think this film has UP going against it. Having watched it after watching that, it was hard to see it as anything other than beautiful crazy. It looks cool. The idea is solid. Creepy little voodoo dolls the last living things on the planet. The problem is that the further we get into what they might try to call plot, the less you enjoy yourself. Its just bad. The big reveals are built up brilliantly than fail to live up, at all.

This is not for the kids, at least the young kids. There are some genuinely dark moments, violent, and just dead creepy. Its for us big kids, the issue is they forget the cool aspect while chasing the end. It's almost as if they just kept writing with little to no idea how it was going to end, and then they just do it.

Without spoiling too much plot, all nine are meant to do something, so then why are there only five at the end. And why can we see there spirits, and does the green spots in the rain really explain anything like the final shot suggests it does? No, No, nononononononononononononono. I am an avid film goer, obviously, and I was able to kind of fill in some of the blanks, but not enough to enjoy the experience.
Very cool idea... wasted on the climax.

Boony sad... I shall feed this void with chips....

Movie scale 2 out of five stars
animated scale 2 out of five scales

Not for the kids, a big let down for the adults. Just rent OPEN SEASON, UP, RENAISSANCE, FINAL FANTASY: ADVENT CHILDREN, and well get ready for the PRINCESS AND THE FROG first big screen cartoon since LILO AND STITCH whoop whoop.

-Boony out

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